Through alternative medicine, we can help you achieve optimal wellness.

At Purple Star Health & Wellness, we offer a wide range of alternative treatments aimed to help you achieve your optimal wellness. Most of our services are from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) so you can rest assured that any pain or discomfort that you are experiencing will be addressed naturally.

Acupuncture is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is a technique used to balance the flow of qi or life energy in the body. It involves the insertion of thin needles through the skin at specific points called acupuncture points. This alternative treatment is beneficial for those seeking natural methods to treat pain, manage stress, and achieve overall wellness.
Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is an alternative technique that involves the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. These include the muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and the skin. Our massage therapists use varying degrees of pressure and movement to ensure optimal effects. This technique is good for individuals seeking relaxation and stress reduction.
Moxibustion is an alternative therapy that involves the burning of mugwort leaves close to the skin’s surface. Mugwort is a small, spongy herb believed to enhance the healing effects of acupuncture. This treatment is one of the components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and as such, it aims to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of qi or life energy, and improve health.
Chinese Natural Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine is a major component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It involves the use of plant-based, or sometimes mineral and animal, products. Our practitioners prescribe Chinese herbs to balance the two opposing forces of qi or life energy—the yin and the yang. Our herbal products can be used to treat or manage a wide range of ailments.
Cupping Therapy
Cupping therapy is another form of alternative medicine that dates back to the time of ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern civilizations. It involves putting special cups on the skin for a few minutes to create suction. Our clients get this treatment for a variety of purposes, which include managing pain, reducing inflammation, improving blood flow, and inducing relaxation.
Gua Sha Therapy
Gua sha is a natural healing remedy that seeks to improve circulation by scraping the skin with a massage tool. In this alternative therapy, our practitioner scrapes a client’s skin with short or long strokes of the gua massage tool to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue. Gua sha is performed to reduce inflammation and treat ailments that cause chronic pain.
Qigong Therapy
Qigong is another important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is a mind and body therapy that aims to develop one’s ability to manipulate qi or life energy to promote self-healing, disease prevention, and longevity. It includes various practices, which include breathing techniques, postures, meditations, and guided imagery.
Acupressure is another alternative therapy that traces its roots from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This form of treatment applies the same principles as acupuncture to restore the balance of qi or life energy in the body but without the use of needles. Instead, our practitioners will use their fingers, palms, or elbows, or other special devices to apply pressure on the acupoints of the body.
Tui Na
Tui Na is one of the main components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Its main therapeutic goal is to remove the blocks that are causing qi or life energy stagnation by restoring harmony in the yin and the yang of the body. During a Tui Na session, our practitioners use oscillating and pressure techniques that vary in speed and force. It can be used to treat pain and maintain good health.
Bodywork is a type of body manipulation technique used for relaxation and pain relief. It aims to reposition and realign the body to allow natural and graceful movement. By identifying possible causes of unnatural movement and posture, bodywork lowers stress levels and reduces discomfort. Our practitioners are experts in performing different forms of bodywork.
Laserpuncture or laser acupuncture is an alternative treatment derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It involves the stimulation of acupuncture points with low-intensity, non-thermal laser beams instead of needles. This treatment is a great option for patients who want to reap the benefits of acupuncture but are uncomfortable with needles.
Phototherapy is a medical treatment using specific photons to improve a health condition. Treatments could involve light emitting diodes (LEDs), halogen or compact fluorescent or heat lamp etc. Phototherapy is also known as light therapy and heliotherapy.
Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote overall well-being. It involves the medicinal use of aromatic essential oils to improve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. This holistic treatment works through the sense of smell and skin absorption. Natural pain relief, improved sleep quality, and effective stress reduction are just some of its benefits.
Reflexology is another alternative medical practice that involves the application of pressure to areas on the feet and hands. It follows the principle that each specific point of the hands and feet corresponds to a particular organ or system of the body. By stimulating these reflex points, our reflexologists can bring about relaxation and healing to corresponding areas of the body.
Pain Management
We help our clients deal with various kinds of pain naturally.
Let’s get you back on track by speeding up the healing of your sprain.
We provide you with many natural options to control your allergies.
If you prefer a more natural approach to managing arthritis, we are here to help.
We empower women by helping them take more control of their health.
Don’t give up just yet. We can help you explore more options in boosting fertility.
Depression and Anxiety
We are here to help keep mental health issues at bay.
Say goodbye to insomnia and hello to more restful nights.
Let’s manage your blood pressure without heavily relying on medications.
We help individuals deal with indigestion through natural and proven methods.
Skin Issues
For skin issues that affect your confidence, we can help you turn to nature for answers.
Weight Control
Let’s get you in shape and achieve that ideal body you’ve always wanted.

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